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Homoeopathy was developed some 200 years ago and is based on the principle of using like to treat like. Tiny amounts of 'potentised' natural substances are used to treat the same conditions they could induce in larger amounts in a healthy person. This appears to stimulate a person's natural powers of resistance to fight disease by a mechanism not as yet fully understood.

Remedies are taken orally on sweet tasting lactose pills. Although there can sometimes be a slight aggravation after taking the remedy the low doses of natural substances produce no actual side effects.

Homoeopathy has been found to be helpful in a wide variety of conditions, but appears to be especially effective where there is a complex symptom picture affecting a variety of different systems, or arising from a number of different causes.

The homoeopath will enquire about a person's complete medical history and will ask about a full array of physical and emotional disturbances, even if they do not seem to be directly linked to the patient's main complaint.

For most complaints sessions are monthly - duration of treatment depends on the illness being treated. Usually those of more recent onset respond more rapidly, while long term problems take longer to treat.

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