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Integrative Body Psychotherapy

Body Psychotherapy has a fundamental vision of body, mind and psyche being intricately interwoven and connected; emotions, sensations, images, and energetic resonance entwined with thinking and reflective processes in continuous and reciprocal feedback-loops. With no particular form of expression privileged in significance over another, this way of working is a relational paradigm that is oriented towards the experience of a felt sense of wholeness.

Touch can be used by a Body Psychotherapist, alongside many other body-mind interventions, but only through negotiation and agreement, and is not by any means an essential component of the therapeutic process.

Please complete the Initial interview form and either send to [email protected] or [email protected] depending on your booked venue. If you are unable to download or do not have a printer please ensure you arrive 30 minutes early to complete. 

For more information please see the Fact Sheet


Download the Initial Interview Form (Adult) or Initial Interview Form (13-17 yrs) to complete offline.