Young People

'Play is the answer to how anything new comes about' Jean Piaget

Specialist psychological services for young people aged 13 -17. The service is aimed at supporting young people individually at a time when many struggle with a variety of complex concerns.

What we are offering:

  • Time-limited psychodynamic counselling
  • Time-limited Cognitive Based Therapy 
  • 16-session session model
  • £48.00 and 58.00 per session. 

Who is the therapy with?

Therapists experienced in working with young people on a range of issues (specific to that age group) which may include: Anxiety; self-harm; depression; bullying (physical and cyber); identity; sexuality and gender; abuse (sexual, emotional, physical); eating disorders; transitions; anger and violence; trauma; BME; disability (learning, physical).

As young people's lives move fast we offer an initial 16-week session contract although, of course this can be extended after discussion for a further 8 sessions.  

To book an initial interview with one of our assessors please click the online form opposite and complete the Young Person's Initial interview form, which is a shorter form specific to 13-17-year-olds.  Please note for now all initial interviews are online.  After this meeting, you will be referred to a specialist YP therapist and the service is open up till 8.00 pm weekdays and 5.00 pm on Saturdays.  See Information for New Clients

People aged 18 and over are able to access our full range of adult services.

We appreciate that many parents have concerns about their son or daughter and have included the following Information for Parents leaflet which aims to describe you you can best support your teenager.  Counselling is a confidential activity and we know from experience that people speak more freely when their privacy is guaranteed. For that reason we only contact parents in the event of a safeguarding issue.  However if parents want to attend with other family members we recommend coming for Family Therapy.

Please also see below the link to Brighton & Hove City Council Parenting team.

Young persons initial interview form

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Booking Initial Interview

All our initial interviews continue to be online only.  Therapy is online and in-person. Essential to complete the Initial Interview Form below.

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