Ethical Policy

  • The Rock Clinic Association endeavours to provide a safe and confidential service, operating within the limits of the law. It is committed to the principles of equal opportunities and open access. Confidentiality is held within the Rock Clinic Association team.
  • Rock Clinic practitioners adhere to ethical guidelines of the professional bodies to which we belong, copies of which are available on request.


The Rock Clinic Association uses a standard evaluation system, which has been developed to help providers of other counselling and psychological therapies to deliver and develop the best possible services to clients seeking help for their difficulties and concerns. As part of the system, all clients are asked to complete a brief questionnaire before, during and after contact with the service. The information helps us to understand your difficulties and the degree to which we help you with those problems.

About our evaluation:

  • The first questionnaire is attached. You are asked to comment on how you have been feeling over the past week. 
  • The information from the questionnaires will be treated as strictly confidential. No names are used on any questionnaire and no one outside the Rock Clinic Association will have access to your responses.


If you have any queries or require a copy of our complaints procedure, please ask the Receptionist, currently available weekdays between 9.30 - 5.00 and 10.00 – 3.00pm Saturdays or leave a message via email or by phone. (See below). 



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