Third Age Therapy

‘It’s never too late to become the person you might have been’. George Elliot

Psychological services for those over 65 and their carers.

Brighton and Hove has a reputation as a young and vibrant city but increasing numbers of over 65’s also live in the City.  For older people a vulnerability to isolation and exclusion may lead to depression and anxiety problems as the world they once felt part of begins to change.

For carers too, the reality of looking after an elderly friend or relative can also be a demanding and painful experience and may lead to neglect of their own self-care.

Talking therapy is a well-evidenced way of alleviating emotional pain and mental suffering, alongside other sources of support to address the challenges of retirement,ageing and declining health and helps to reconnect with strengths and existing resources.  By talking with a therapist, older people may be able to evaluate their life’s work, regain a more fulfilling present through their relationships with others and re-make links with the outside world.

What we are offering

  • Individual psychodynamic and cognitive behavioural therapy
  • Couple or family therapy
  • Carers’ service 

Who is the therapy with?

Therapists experienced in working with older people, and who are older themselves, offer therapy on a range of issues which may include:

Dependency; body and health issues; attachment and loss; loneliness and isolation; retirement issues; bereavement; mourning and dying.

For carers there may be concerns over:

Confidentiality and safeguarding; exhaustion and resilience; difficulties in the reversal of parent-child roles; mental capacity; anxiety over vulnerability and abuse; depression; loss and grief.

To find out more, please contact [email protected] or go online to book an initial interview. Following this we will then arrange ongoing sessions with your therapist.

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